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Back pain, asthma

I first met Craig in October 2016.  I reached out to Craig because I had a lower back pull due to working out. I could not get out of bed. Due to the pain, I thought I would give acupuncture a try rather than visiting the doctors were I was scared to find out what the “real” issue was.

Craig got me in immediately and after the first session I could bend and felt better. It was honestly a miracle, because I was in so much pain and could barely drive my car. I went again that same week and by the next week I was better and was hooked to this so-called “acupuncture”.

I continued going once a week, and we worked on my back. Later that year I hurt my knee while working out again. I saw a doctor due to this and got an MRI because it was bad and I had surgery years prior. The MRI came back not good. I had a torn and flipped meniscus and moderate arthritis. This was not good. I could barely bend my knee and high impact activity was out for a while. My doctor thought surgery would be good if it continued to bother me. So I spoke to Craig, and we began working on my knee pretty intensely.  It was in pretty bad shape but after a few weeks I was getting better and better and better. Now months later, I am able to workout daily at a Crossfit gym. I never had surgery, and we continue to maintain my knee through acupuncture. I am so thankful for this therapy so I can do the activities that make me happy and also not to mention my job as a preschool teacher!

With all that said, and through all these different injuries, Craig began asking me about my asthma that I have had since age 5. I was taking daily medication to “suppress” the symptoms. We began asthma treatment through acupuncture while I was still on my medication. I went the whole winter without using my nebulizer. The previous year there was a point where I was using it twice a day! You can imagine how happy I was not to need that and to be able to breath. Presently, I am off all asthma medications. I take natural herbs prescribed by Craig to help with allergies and my asthma. They have really helped, and I am proud to be off medication.

I was scared of acupuncture in the beginning, because I do not like needles; however, after being “forced” to do it, I could not be happier with the natural ancient remedy. This is a great holistic and noninvasive approach to healing. I would recommend Craig to anyone looking to improve his or her mind, body, and soul!


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