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Acu-Vision Therapy®

The Procedure

Acu-Vision Therapy® is a new procedure involving recently discovered Acupuncture points not associated with any other Acupuncture systems.

Acu-Vision Therapy® is used for a variety of medical conditions. One recently noted effect of this system is improving vision for persons suffering from Macular Degeneration as well as other vision-related pathologies.

Each new patient being evaluated for vision treatments is given a specified set of examinations, determining the scope of their condition. Prior to any treatment, an initial vision field scan will be performed; along with both near and distance vision tests. If it is determined that a perspective patient could benefit from Acu-Vision Therapy®, a series of treatments will be scheduled.

Partway through the treatments, a second round of testing will be performed to quantify any improvement. In over 80% of cases reviewed, patients demonstrated marked improvement in their vision!

Regular treatments are recommended every 4-6 months until the desired level of vision improvement has been reached. In order to maintain the desired results, patients require annually scheduled Acupuncture treatments.

Reduced vision is part of the aging process that may be preventable with Acu-Vision Therapy®. Don’t wait until your vision is seriously compromised… Call today and begin the road to restored sight! Seeing is believing.

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Craig Justin, C.A; C.H; Dipl. Of Ayurveda